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Back home again...

Past few weeks have been crazy, home and gone again kind of shit. It's great to be back in Sydney though, back where the burgers are greasy, the beers crafty and the people happy. I'm looking to catch up with a lot of people over the next few weeks that I've been trying to get around to. Lots to do, and not a lot of time to do it.

One of my big priorities is getting a new shoot together for my blog and another one for my streetwear project. Beyond that, I've been working with an Accelerator/Incubator in the USA, helping them to develop some new tech ideas and look at some different industries to get into.

For me, keeping busy is incredibly important. I know what I'm like when I lose focus, when I lose interest, and I know that making sure I always have projects to push forwards is the best thing for me. I'm excited about the next month, and I want to crush it as hard as I can.

Current mood - elated. Listening to a lot of 90's hip hop, early Ice Cube solo jams and some Nas. Wearing Pony hi top sneakers. Life is good. 

Jon Westenberg