My name is Jon Westenberg.

I'm a writer, a creative marketing director and an entrepreneur.

Through my blog, my partnerships, my career as a marketing executive, my creative work and the products I build, I try to leave everyone in a better position than I find them. I don't do anything that I can't believe in and stand by, 100%.

I work with people who are beginning their journey, carving out a niche as a creative, or looking to put their own dent in the universe. I work for startups and tech companies as a marketing expert. No matter where you're at, I believe that I can help you go further and reach higher.

I designed a marketing canvas that is in use by companies across the world. 

I'm an entrepreneur who has struggled as much as everyone else, and I know how hard it is to keep building your dreams when you can feel them fracturing around you. I'm an artist who has experienced silence. So my help, my knowledge and my services are coming from someone with understanding of what it takes to embrace creative passion. 

I don't hide my goals away. I want to reach 1,000,000 people and make a difference. I want to grow my work and travel the world. I want to work for companies who are making a difference. I want to own and drive a Batmobile. That doesn't mean I'm not intensely focused on building my company equitably, ethically and honestly.

If you want to partner with me, I have a promise I want to make to you. I'll do everything I can to make every difference I can. 

Go forth and be messy.


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