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Treating my body right doesn't come easily

Lately, I've been feeling sick. I'm in the early stages of what I can already tell will be a long flu session, and I'm anticipating being bed ridden for a while. I've never coped well with that. I hate feeling like my body has betrayed me, but it does - from time to time.

When I feel like I've been knocked out for the count, I often have to stop and think. Think about whether my body has actually failed, or whether I've failed to properly care for it. I was in bed early last night, and I was congratulating myself on making such good choices, when I realized how rare it was for me to focus on getting enough sleep!

I don't know how I expect to be able to deal with my world, physically, when I never take care of myself. It's so short sighted, and I know I need to get better at it. So that's the theme for this week. This week, I'm going to try and disconnect, and spend some time with myself. This week, I'm going to try and lock up my tablets and laptops for a couple hours a day.

This week, I'm going to try and get the sleep my body needs, the nutrients and fuel my body needs, and the space I need to appreciate my life and my time a little more. 

Jon Westenberg