I picked up a pair of boots the other day. I think these are possibly the simplest items of clothing I have ever owned. They’re not showy, they’re almost completely unnoticeable, unless you were really looking at what I was wearing (and as I’m not a celebrity, I don’t think anyone but my girlfriend will be doing that!)

Why did I buy them? They were functional, they are from a reputable company and are built to last, they are simple enough to go with anything and I can wear them on all sorts of different occasions. All in all, a pretty good purchase. So then my question to myself was this. If I can think so clearly and make a good, reasonable decision to buy a pair of boots that will serve and last me for a long time, why am I never like that with other decisions?

In other facets of life, I will often just be distracted by shiny objects and shiny things. I will make choices that reflect a mindset of a particular moment and don’t necessarily reflect who I am as a person. Once I have made those choices, I will sometimes just force myself to live with them rather than acknowledge that I was, in any way, wrong. 

Looking around me now, I can see that I am still coming out of the woods, in that I am surrounded by material things and by the residual effects of my life’s choices, and they don’t quite compute. I take at look at my nice new boots and I feel that in some way they represent my new and healthier mindset.


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