The post project slump.

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I recently found a project that I had worked hard on for a number of months suddenly placed on hold. I was okay with that. But it did precipitate a bout of what I call the completion blues. And this happens with a degree of regularity every time I finish work on something. First, I tend to be relatively elated. It feels amazing to have signed off on something creative that I have put myself out for.

Unfortunately, next comes this need to be busy with something else. To find a new project that will keep me both occupied and satisfied. I find myself drawing panels for comic books that I have not yet written, leafing through sketchbooks and feeling discouraged by my art, glancing over short stories that I have begun but that fail to capture my interest or excitement in the moment.

I begin going through my phone and looking up contacts to see what they’re working on, hoping to find something cool to get involved with. These jitters are enough to drive you crazy! What it comes down to eventually though, is something of a slump.

I start to feel pretty burned out, and unable to think clearly, unable to focus on stuff. Which is why, as of today, I am implementing a new policy. From this day forth, every time I finish something, I do solemnly swear to take at least one day away from creativity and just play roleplaying games, read books and sing songs of good cheer.

I’ll be back to my usual crazily overly annoyingly productive self before long. But recharging is a good thing. For anyone.

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2 thoughts on “The post project slump.

  1. Love this post especially, seeing as I just finished the last essay for my undergraduate degree (ie. AHHH what do I do now?!!)! I feel the same at the end of every uni semester/piano exam…satisfied, yet guilty for having so much time on my hands. Thanks for giving me permission to take a well-earned day off :)

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