My interview

I was recently interviewed by Cynthia Than for

Do you think there are general differences entrepreneurs who aspire to be founders and those who want to be business owners?

JW: I think founder is a title that people want because it has connotations, it has prestige and it has that “cool” factor. We’ve reached a point in entrepreneurship where startups are mainstream now. It’s like a reality TV singing contest. This is an example I use all the time. When you read about the wannabes who go on X Factor or Idol, they’ll always say that their life long dream is to be a singer. They never say their dream is to sing. And this is because what they really want is the success and the lifestyle and the glamour of being a singer. That’s why they’re jumping in front of a camera. If what they really wanted was to sing - they’d be out there every night playing gigs and building an audience and doing what they love.

Really enjoyed chatting about business and startups. Great to see it online!

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