Hey, Jealousy.

I read this post from Shawn King yesterday: I consider myself an email power user (I get approx 2000 emails/day) and there is no way I would try and deal with that many emails on the iPhone or even an iPad. You know what my first reaction was? Jealousy. Why wasn’t I getting 2000 emails […]

Never Let Yourself Graduate.

I think our entire attitude toward education is flawed. We spend years in primary school and then secondary school believing that the point of it all is meeting arbitrary goals and being measured on our ability to memorise facts and formulas. That‘s bad enough. What’s worse though, is that when we finally reach the end of that […]

Build Paths For Your Users.

People don’t always go the way they were meant to go. In National Parks there are signs that tell you to Keep On The Path because the people who designed the parks know that human beings have an urge to go off into the unknown and get completely lost. They may be looking for a short […]

200 Words: Venture Capital Vs. Bootstrapping.

I don’t have a final word on venture capital versus bootstrapping. They’re two very different paths that a company can follow, and they lead to a very different result. Some of the biggest, most successful start-ups in the word followed the VC path, with no regrets. VC can make billion dollar companies, in a way that bootstrapping would struggle with.