So I've been reading this post today and I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that I have just about zero interest in retirement. The post is from Jason Murphy.

You only need to look at the life expectancy line to see why they will keep trying to move the pension age higher. More people are getting the pension, and for longer. If medicine advances faster than expected, life expectancy by 2055 could be higher than this graph shows. That could mean 25 years of pension payments for the average Aussie, or even more.

Okay, so here's what I think. You should not be living your life waiting for a pension to retire. That's not the way life is supposed to be. You should be doing work that you love, work that you enjoy, work that matters to you. 

If you're simply hanging out for the weekend for 50 years, with all your faith being in the government or your employer being able to pay a pension when you're done, you're looking at a life of misery, please believe that.