Anna North writing for the New York Times on journaling:

“Individuals are more likely to mispredict the value of rediscovering ordinary events than to mispredict the value of rediscovering extraordinary events, which are more memorable. Additionally, ordinary events came to be perceived as more extraordinary over time, whereas perceptions of extraordinary events did not change across time.”

At Motherboard, Jordan Pearson sees the study as evidence that we should change our social media behavior:

“If your feed is anything like mine, Facebook is a black hole of ostentatious self-promotion, littered with photos from your rich friend’s latest booze-soaked excursion to Vegas. Less prevalent are posts documenting their more mundane moments — an idle conversation at a coffee shop, an errand during lunch. They may want to rethink their strategy.”

This is really a fascinating piece. It makes you think about what we may be losing by carefully producing and curating our social media posts.


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