Today, I got up early.


And the world seemed a lot quieter.
I have recently started a new full time job with a heavy commute, and I decided I need to begin training myself to get up earlier and exercise. I’m doing this in stages because when I make instant heavy change in my life I can sometimes just falter and not accomplish anything.

I figured the first thing is just to be better at being awake at 5:30, way before I think about jogging at 5:30. I’m not one of those instagram super-humans who can survive on a diet of fruit and wake up at 4 am every day feelin’ groovy. Oh no. Not me.

Today I woke up, climbed out of bed looking like Morla from The Never Ending Story (ew) and just started my day. I’m trying to eat breakfast at home rather than at my desk, so I did that today with a bowl of rather dull muesli and a bottle of water. I sat down and ate while I worked on a few little bits and pieces for Tuteable (more on that later).

It wasn’t an exciting morning. It was just quiet and simple. I had time to get stuff done that would have stressed me out later. I have time to write this blog post. And I have time to really think about my day, and determine, through my own choices, exactly what kind of a day I’m going to have. 

I think I could get used to this!

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