When the shit goes down, don't back down 🔑

Do you know what it takes to make it in business? You've got to be prepared to stand your ground. If you believe something, say it. If people challenge it, stand by it. When things go wrong, don't just fold like a cheap suit.

The smartest person in the room can silence any creativity 🔑

When the smartest person in the room speaks, there's a good chance everyone else is going to feel shut down and shut out. Collaboration and team work is far more important than elevating someone else's thoughts and holding them up as an idol...

If your mind is on fire with ideas at 1 AM - let it burn. 🔑

Ideas are the currency of success. Ideas are what can take you from zero to one hundred. Ideas are what can turn you into the person you want to be. When your mind is running hot, when you can't stop thinking about something and your feet jumping, ride it out.