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Hi, My Name Is Jon


My name is Jon Westenberg. I’m a writer and editor, I live in Sydney Australia, and I collect graphic novels and film scripts. This is the home of my writing, where you can follow my work in journalism, comedy, comics and film/TV. Most of my stories and essays are on Medium. You can show your interest in my work by following me on Tumblr or Twitter, where you’ll be able to read more about my journey to becoming a writer and receive some of the tips I’ve picked up from other professionals and blogs. I often comment on technology over at my secondary blog, IndieThink.



I do most of my work in Evernote. From brainstorming ideas and collecting research through to writing complete character biographies and scene outlines, every project I have going on is housed there. I use it on my 2014 13” Macbook Air, my iPad and an iPhone 6 Plus. My serious writing is always in either Alternote or Byword first, with editing and polishing in Hemingway App. For script writing, I use Final Draft. I favour Moleskine notebooks and graphic pens. If you ask me a question and I don’t answer, it’s because I’m lost in a pair of Aerial 7 headphones.

“The things worth writing about, and the things worth reading about, are the things that feel almost beyond description at the start and are, because of that, frightening.”

– Douglas Coupland