100 Days from now


Improving your life does not have to require drastic and onerous changes. It is possible to completely turn your life around in just 100 days by taking simple steps to change how you view, and interact, with the world. 

In this program, I want you to examine the daily actions you take and the direction your life is leading you. Making active and conscious decisions and exercising creativity is the key. Its not the key to being a billionaire, because that's not what I care about. But it is the key to the larger and more important goal; happiness. 

100 Days From Now is a one hundred day program consisting of videos, daily emails, and course units. But heres the important part. Its a free program. And by free, I don't mean that there is a lock in price that you are only going to discover after you sign up. It's free because I want to see the i,pact that it can have on your life. That's what matters. 

Here are 100 things you can do to throughout this period to achieve remarkable changes in your life:

1. Know Your Worth

2. Develop Flexibility

3. Recognise Your Ego

4. Team Up with Experience

5. Find and Exploit Your Weaknesses

6. Don’t Allow Naysayers to Get You Down

7. Stop Feeling Helpless

8. Don’t Allow One Element of Your Life to Rule All

9. Make Continuous Learning a Priority

10. Stop Flinching Whenever Something Happens

11. Listen to Your Instincts

12. Leverage Your Strengths

13. Follow Your Passions

14. Plan for Failure

15. Think Through Every Possibility

16. Learn from History – Study the Past for Future Insights

17. Do Not Be Afraid to Put in Long Hours

18. Break Challenges Down Into Easier Tasks

19. Apply Your Knowledge in New Ways

20. Find Smarter Ways to Spend Your Money

21. Figure People Out by Analyzing Their Personalities

22. Experiment Your Way to Success

23. Build a Strong Support Network

24. Be Ready for Death by Planning in Advance

25. Keep in Mind Fickle Mother Nature

26. Always Have a Backup Plan

27. Always Help Others to Earn Favors

28. Time Your Difficult Tasks so They Are Easy

29. Keep an Organized Life

30. Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone to Learn New Things

31. Make Saving a Priority

32. Enjoy a Healthy Diet

33. Exercise on a Regular Basis

34. Explore Your Community to Find New Opportunities

35. Discover Your Bosses Interests to Become Invaluable

36. Grow Connections Through Public Events

37. Use the Six Sigma Process to Make Your Life Go Smoothly

38. Discover Your Weaknesses

39. Create a Daily Schedule for Success

40. Don’t Be Afraid to Think Through Every Scenario

41. Be the Dominant Player in the Room

42. Form Work Groups to Tackle Regular Challenges

43. Seek Out Opportunities for Promotion

44. Make Treating Yourself a Part of Your Budget

45. Spend Some Time on Yourself Every Day

46. Find Your Friends in Business and Neighborhood

47. Determine Who Stands in Your Way

48. Create “Challenges” That Push Your Skillset

49. Volunteer for New Projects That Requires Study

50. Start a Freelance Gig

51. Spend 30 Minutes a Day Writing for Stress and Reflection

52. Apply for a New Position to See if You Can Earn More

53. Seek Out a Career Coach

54. Put Your Toes into a New Industry

55. Sign Up for Some Classes

56. Join a Book Club

57. Eliminate Debt Using Snowball Method

58. Schedule Your Life So You Can Sleep

59. Spend More Time Together as a Family

60. Automate Home Chores to Free Up Time

61. Lower Your Expenses 

62. Replace Poorly Performing Items with Those That Help You Live Better

63. Keep Track of Every Penny to Avoid Stress

64. Round Up Your Transactions and Round Down Your Deposits to Grow Your Savings

65. Plan Your Meals to Make Cooking Fast and Easy

66. Start Packing Lunches to Save Time and Avoid Fatty Foods

67. Make One Mistake a Day to Always Have Something to Learn

68. Study Your Company to Discover Unspoken Risk

69. Avoid Fast Food and Save Money

70. Dump the Sugar for More Energy

71. Visit Your Child’s School

72. Study a Foreign Language

73. Volunteer at a Public Project

74. Make Investing a Game

75. Take a Mini-Vacation

76. Join a Sports League

77. Start Jogging with Colleagues

78. Sketch a Drawing

79. Play Some New Games to Relax

80. Create a Five-Year Plan

81. Make a Mandatory Dinner Time

82. Turn Off the TV After 9 P.M.

83. Keep Work at Work

84. Turn Off All Electronics Once a Week

85. Learn When to Replace Items and Budget Accordingly

86. Plant a Garden for Stress Relief and Fun

87. Follow Your Children’s Interests

88. Have a Meat Free Day to Try New Things

89. Create a Simple Weight Goal and Work Towards It

90. Prepare Your Meals in Advance to Avoid Fast Food

91. Browse Your Help-Wanted Section to See if Your Skills are in Demand

92. Ask Your Boss Where You Can Improve

93. Have a Chat With Your Spouse

94. Apply for a New Position in Your Company

95. Get Up an Hour Early

96. Decorate Your Home to Relax

97. Find Ways to Make Work More Efficient

98. Embrace Success

99. Always Give Credit Where it is Due

You can take that list right now. You can take it and do whatever you want with it. But if you want to be on the next level you can sign up for the program.